“Only One Ring…”

First, let me get this out of the way. This is NOT about LeBron. This is not hate about the fact he “only has one ring.” I am not here to add to the perpetual hate that he gets. Sure, Katt Williams et al were clowning with jokes like, “I set my phone to LeBron; no ring.” And who can forget the infamous line from Bad Teacher – “It’s the only argument I need, Sean!!!!”


Not even an hour after winning his first championship, pictures like this came out.

Oh, congrats LeBron… on one. Even though one is clearly not enough to silence some haters. What more does a guy have to do? I mean, I found 4 versions of the same image (only showing 2 of them) – & every one of you could probably show me 5 – 10 other images and phrases poking fun at the recent champ.


But… it got me thinking. How many times are we like this with God?

Sure, we say we want to hear from Him… but we don’t seem to hear His ONE ring – or we set our phone to silent and cannot be blamed for missing it. That’s what we tell ourselves, anyways. Personalized ring tones are no longer the trend they once were, but if that was the case, His ring tone is like the alarm clock we have become immune to. He rings; but it makes no difference because we have somehow learned to tune it/Him out.


Or maybe we lost our signal completely… without fault on our own. Just maybe, though, the signal is lost because of the places we are going and the things we are doing. When we know our signal isn’t good somewhere, we usually try to limit our time there – or even the amount of times we go back – right? But for some reason, with Him, it’s His fault… not ours… that the connection isn’t going through. Regardless of where we are that we shouldn’t be. After all, He’s GOD.


Come on, as much as we say we want to hear from Him, do we really give ourselves the time out we need?? Do we take a moment to put ourselves in the penalty box, away from the commotion, to make that happen? The woman at the well separated herself from the clutter of gossip by going to the well at a different time of day with less traffic. It’s no wonder she was able to have a real experience. Jonah had to be swallowed by a fish for a few days. Can you hear Me now?? Will we really quiet our minds long enough to sense His call? Are we willing to put someone else on hold if we sense He is standing by on call waiting?


After I had done a quick devotional, I found myself hearing ever so slightly Jeremiah 18.

Now, to be honest, sometimes we give ourselves too much credit… that we are the ones automatically thinking of this stuff. But, it couldn’t be more wrong! The Holy Spirit brings things to our minds as a way of God trying to connect. Now to be completely honest, I had to question, Wow. This would look really silly if there wasn’t a Jeremiah 18, right?? But now I know there are plenty more chapters than that! And that’s a good thing… especially when you look at Proverbs 7:3.


But what He put on my heart after reading 18… then 19 and part of 20… was indeed from Him. Nobody but Him.


Take the time to turn off everything else. You won’t be disappointed. Step away from your laptop or ipad. Turn your phone OFF every once in a while, not just on silent. Stop giving yourself so much credit. The people that come to your mind are for a purpose. Be ready to hear Him, even as a still small voice, with only one ring. Then, go grab a Bible… not just your app. Flip the pages, write in it. Highlight it up. Turn the pages. It automatically tunes you out from Angry Birds, Words with Friends, or any other distraction on your phone. Grab a journal. Sit outside and soak up the summer sun, while you soak up the Son. Bask in the beauty He created for you.


Scripture says He stands at the door and knocks (Revelation 3:20). But if He only knocked once, would you hear it??

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