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What Role Do You Want to Play?

Seems like a simple enough question, really. But beyond the question are the implications your answer will determine.


I can’t be the only one who has super random flashbacks.

More than that, it’s the connections I make when some of these flashbacks happen. Some moments are ingrained on a different level. I may not know if these flashbacks are themselves imprinted on a deeper level, or if the connection made is what reinforces the memory further.

I still remember vividly how fireworks going off on the 4th of July caused me to laugh at a connection my brain went into overdrive to make, setting fireworks off all over my mind in the process.


What ROLE do you want to play? 

That may not be exactly how it was worded… but that was the heart of the matter. It was 8th grade. I loved playing basketball & had worked all summer to improve my game… but I was far from a future star. At 5’6″, the fact I played down low in the post made no sense. Regardless, I did it fearlessly. 😉 I digress. It was time for basketball try outs. The varsity coach pulled me aside to ask this question, but more importantly, to give me a choice.

what role

I could be the star of the JV team, getting all the playing time I could dream of. Or… I could be on varsity, though it would mean way less playing time. Thus, the choice was mine. After all, not everyone can be LeBron. Not everyone can be KD. But, someone like Jamal Crawford, who has won the Sixth Man Award 3 times, is equally valuable to a NBA roster. What role did I want to play? A simple, yet profoundly deep question as it pertains to life…


If you’ve ever played a sport, you know the saying “practice makes perfect.” Naturally, the idea of getting all the time in the world on JV would lend itself well to that notion. All the extra minutes would give me valuable practice. However, the saying I was taught added a word to that initial phrase:

“Perfect practice makes perfect.”


See, the same coach who gave me the choice… was the same coach who taught me an adjusted motto that lent itself to the notion practice will never make perfect if the practice is sloppy, unmotivated &/or unintentional.

A beautiful example how all the playing time in the world couldn’t grow me the way learning from this coach could.


In the long run, it wasn’t worth giving up the valuable lessons this varsity coach had to teach me for extra minutes. If I wanted to play in high school, I needed to continue to better myself. Being around players who were better than me, who pushed me to be a better version of myself, was the best way to do that. Likewise, the wisdom the coach could pass on towards my understanding of the game was worth the trade for minutes in the game.

So, naturally, why did I think of this on the 4th of July… twenty years after I graduated from middle school??! Shoot… only God knows!??

It got me thinking about life… & as my dad says, “life is all about choices.”

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