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Finding “Iron” & Vulnerability in the New Year

Everyone wants to be vulnerable, but nobody wants to start. So as the minutes wind down on this first day of 2018, I’ll start.

Life has been rough.
It’s been painful.
It’s been draining.
It’s made me insecure.
Made me doubt myself.
Then doubt myself some more.

It’s never easy to love someone & not get the same care in return. To be loyal & not be shown loyalty in return. Intentionally or unintentionally, we all fall short.

We don’t check on those we care about like we should. Sometimes we take those closest to us for granted. Sometimes we forget our “rock” needs to be free to bend, to not be a rock… if even just for a moment.

Sometimes we get so afraid to show our true selves, we disappear behind a facade of ourselves we don’t even recognize.

In 2018, I implore you to find those who are iron & will sharpen you.

Not hurt you intentionally.
Not betray your vulnerability.
That’s neither love, nor Jesus.

But those who aren’t afraid to call you on your crap when you need it. And know you well enough to KNOW when you need it. Those who allow you to bend. Help you to find the inner strength to get back up. Point you to forgiveness, restoration & love, like Jesus. Celebrate with you for every win, no matter the size. 

Most importantly, in 2018, I implore you to self-care. Your peace of mind is worth more than the fight you’re battling.

Your PEACE is worth more.

Let that person off the hook if the relationship is toxic. Make moves if your work environment is unhealthy. Stress kills & you are way too valuable.

Let yourself out of mental prison for that thing that didn’t go your way. You know the one. The one you thought of as you read that. The one making you doubt all your other choices. The one that haunts you at night.

Fight hard for YOU.
Respect YOU enough to not let everything & everyone else take priority.

If it doesn’t bring you closer to freedom, let it go.

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