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It’s Okay Not to be Okay

Reading the words, “It’s okay not to be okay” were so freeing for me.

Sometimes it feels like Wholeness demands us to always be okay. Always strong. Forever immovable. But as Touré Roberts breaks down in his new book Wholeness, it’s actually okay not to be okay.

So many times, in the midst of a tough season, we still feel forced to put on a smile. Because when people ask, “how are you?,” it’s not them being rude, but they usually want the normal answers.




I’ve seen the light fade so quickly from someone’s eyes when I tried to answer honestly. So I started telling myself I couldn’t ever say anything less than “I’m okay.” Because whatever someone else was already going through was too much for them to handle anything less than “I’m fine” from me.

For a lot of friends, I was supposed to be the strong one, the rock. But I was dying.

Being free to tell God, “I’m not okay” lifted the weight off my shoulders. I didn’t have to censor for Him. I didn’t have to pretend. And I didn’t have to settle for being “okay.”

If wholeness is something you desire… if being more than “okay” is making you feel all the feels… you can order the book here:


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