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Simple rules, really. Imitation is the name of the game. They make a basket. Your goal, then, is to make the same basket in the same manner in which the person before you did it: Backwards at the free throw line. Off the backboard at the base line. Left handed 3-pointer. From behind the basket.… Continue reading H-O-R-S-E


What the Church Can Learn From the Spurs

  As the NBA season was wrapped up Sunday night, a series of conversations began to take place. It was a very different tone and a very different conversation than what had happened before the Finals took place.   Before the Finals, save Spurs and Heats fan bases, much of the talk happening was about the Miami… Continue reading What the Church Can Learn From the Spurs


Ray Lewis or Tim Tebow: A Grace Conumdrum

Grace: something every person in life wants. Love: something every person who has ever lived searches for. But the thing is, we put a price tag on love. We tell ourselves we have to earn grace. We tell others they definitely have to earn forgiveness.   In a competitive world, we have extremes.  Those of… Continue reading Ray Lewis or Tim Tebow: A Grace Conumdrum


Playing to Win: Secrets to Success

Most of us like professional sports. If it’s not a childhood dream of ours, it’s something we enjoy for entertainment purposes. There are even some women, proven by reality shows in excess, who may like professional sports because of the status that comes from being WITH a professional athlete.   So whether it’s love of… Continue reading Playing to Win: Secrets to Success